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The Agency, was the name of the fictional secret government organization in the video game, Syphon Filter. It is now called the International Presidential Consulting Agency.

Sony Online Entertainment is developing and publishing the game for the Sony Playstation 3 platform as well as for the PC. The Agency of course will be a spy themed, massively multi-player online shooter game. Release date of the game is still not known but some are saying around May 2008. The SOE(Sony Online Entertainment) President announced in August of 2007 that he would like to have upcoming PC/PS3 MMO a free play title unlike the WOW(World of Warcraft) games. That it would be no subscrition fee. SOE would fund the fee, but also stated there might be a "velvet-rope policy" Where only certain areas in the game are accessible by paying a fee. It reminds me something similiar of a online game of RuneScape

There are few minor details about the game as of yet. But it said that you will have an oppurtunity to choose the agency you want to work for. Either the U.N.I.T.E(United Nations Inttelligence Tactical Experts or ParaGon(Paramilitary Global Operations Network). Paragon will be more of a mercanary group and U.N.I.T.E more of the Justice League type of organization.

The Agency

It also is said that many character enhacements will be unlocked by what the player decides to do. Also players have an oppurtunity to move through ranks and become high ranking. Players will also have the option to switch to other characters during the game. There will be ground, water and air challenges with vehicles. Many of the challenges and vehicles were inspired by many espionage films. Players will also have to complete missions to acquire new operatives. And once players achieved a certain level of prestige will be able to network with other online players.

There also have been television shows. Of course it was named "The Agency". It ran for 2 seasons from September 27, 2001 to May 17, 2003. Some of the filming actually took place at the CIA headquaters. Such stars that played in the television show were Beau Bridges, Shaun Cassidy and Gloria Rueben. The agency was aired on CBS.

There is also another television show by the name of "The Agency". But it is unrelated to the game or the premise of the storyline. It is on VH1 and is about a modeling agency.

"The Agency" is also in Comic Book form. It is published by Top Cow and Image Comics. You may also find several issues through Google Checkout.

The official The Agency website.